12 Morning Routine Ideas

You hear the alarm go off, you don't want to get up because you stayed up late last night watching one more episode of that show you love, you hit the snooze, and hit it again... and again. Next

12 Morning Routine Ideas2021-04-14T09:19:13-05:00

Coming Out SOBER with Mark A. Turnipseed

Coming Out Sober Secrets make you sick. We talk a lot about the masks we wear in life. All the things we do to create one picture to the outside world as we try to hide who we really

Coming Out SOBER with Mark A. Turnipseed2022-04-30T19:24:45-05:00

Stop Worrying

It seems like nearly everyone is running around the planet stuck in anxiety and worry. Especially since coronavirus started. 40 million people in the United States suffer from anxiety. It is the number one mental illness. Thoughts start swirling

Stop Worrying2021-03-31T09:15:08-05:00

7 Little Things That Say A Lot About You

Your biggest responsibility in life is to be the best version of yourself and be responsible for your own life and behaviors. I came across this fantastic article by Anthony J. Yeung, on Medium and I wanted to share

7 Little Things That Say A Lot About You2021-03-17T09:55:27-05:00

Shantell Ogden: Songs to Recover By

"This is an album that helps to combat addiction, fears and anxieties and serves as a reminder that with the bad comes the good and to hold onto your loved ones as you travel through the ups-and-downs of life"

Shantell Ogden: Songs to Recover By2021-03-10T11:07:02-06:00

The Difference Between Sobriety & Recovery

Everybody is recovering from something. Sobriety is stopping the substance, recovery is healing. There are so many pieces of life and self that are affected by drinking. Our personalities change, our responses to people and life change, and our

The Difference Between Sobriety & Recovery2021-02-17T09:50:59-06:00

The Instant Gratification Trap

We so often screw up decisions because we are stuck in seeking instant gratification. You feel bad and you want it to go away right now. You feel a craving and you want to eliminate it this second. You

The Instant Gratification Trap2020-12-16T10:22:00-06:00

Living Sober FAQs

When you are transitioning from a drinking life to a sober life you have a lot of questions. Not only about what life will be like, but about a whole bunch of other random stuff that you don't think

Living Sober FAQs2020-11-21T14:28:19-06:00

Toxic Relationship With Alcohol

Alcohol is gaslighting you. It abuses you and humiliates you, it makes you feel terrible about yourself and makes your anxiety explode- then in the next breath it’s telling you how it can solve all your problems. You don’t

Toxic Relationship With Alcohol2020-10-28T09:28:28-05:00

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Being A Sober Person?

We get caught up in the hard work of sobriety and forget to celebrate all the great things that come with the hard work. All the questions about how will people react, worrying about the future, feeling embarrassed and

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Being A Sober Person?2020-10-21T10:11:36-05:00
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