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1906, 2024

Creating A Recovery Lifestyle With A 90-Day Plan

If you are sitting in early sobriety, or feeling “stuck” in your recovery, this conversation is for you. In the beginning, motivation is high because there is some event that makes you stop and analyze what you’re doing, ie. you

1505, 2024

Does Your Attachment Style Play A Role In Your Addiction?

There are many theories about the causes of addiction and many of us are curious about what our underlying issues are, that lead us to an unhealthy relationship with substances and behaviors. What we know for sure is it’s a

105, 2024

Can Quitting Drinking Cause Depression?

The REAL reason for feeling some depression or symptoms of depression when you quit drinking alcohol. And one of these may be something you’ve never heard of. If you've ever used alcohol to deal with feelings of depression, you may

2604, 2024

3 Things I Would Do If I Was Starting Sobriety Today

If you find yourself in yo-yo sobriety, and you can’t figure out why you keep going back to drinking when you KNOW you don’t drink well – I’m going to give you some solutions. If you have followed me for

2404, 2024

Hooked From the First Drink with Pete Sousa

Does recovery give you a framework to follow to build a happy and fulfilled life? Pete Sousa definitely thinks so, and he’s here to tell you all about it in this week’s episode! In this episode, Pete breaks down his

1704, 2024

Embracing Sobriety in Mid-Life with Lori Massicot

The uncomfortable topic no one is talking about. Or, not too many people are talking about because it can be awkward and weird like everything else in life. But it’s so important for women to understand. And, there are some

1204, 2024

6 Powerful Recovery Phrases Sure to Make Life Better

Many of us love to get annoyed with the AA one-liners and all the recovery phrases out there, but the truth is, they work. And if you get them, they can change your whole trajectory. When you understand what they

504, 2024

5 Signs You Are Dealing With Post-Acute Withdrawal

Whether you’re in the early stages of sobriety or have been in recovery for a while, understanding post-acute withdrawal can help you navigate the ups and downs of addiction recovery more effectively. PAWS can be a challenging phase in the

304, 2024

Getting Over Your Fears of Recovery

Recovery fears are the absolute worst, because let's be real: all you want to do is get your life together and be present with your family, but you can’t stop thinking about all the ways your life will change and

2903, 2024

4 Stages of Alcoholism

Alcoholism, or Alcohol use disorder, is a brain disorder that impairs your ability to stop or control your drinking. Welcome to our first 30 Days to Fast Track Your Recovery series where each week for the next 30 days I’m

2703, 2024

10 Easy Habits That Will Transform Your Life

You guys know me and how much I love simple strategies that get you exactly the results you're looking for. Creating a life you love doesn’t happen overnight. Most of us are so wired for instant gratification that when we

2003, 2024

Expert Secrets You’ll Love For Sober Results

If you’re listening to the Addiction Unlimited show, I’m guessing you’re a fan of living a sober lifestyle, right? If you’ve ever thought about going to a 12-step meeting or wanted to grow your sober community to have more support and fun, this is the

1303, 2024

6 Smart Tips to Simplify Sponsorship (or Coaching!)

If you are trying to stay sober and change your life, I need you to understand this concept of Sponsorship – or Coaching. Do you feel a little weird about getting a sponsor or having a hard time finding a

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