Whether you are getting sober, going through a breakup, or just look at yourself in the mirror one day and recognize it’s time to make some changes because you aren’t feeling great about who you are or how you’re treating people.

You have to have stellar coping skills, the ability to adapt, and the ability to change when you’ve gotten stuck in some habits that don’t serve you.

In this episode, we’ll get into some of the specifics about what it takes to be successful in sobriety.

I know you want to have a lifestyle you enjoy. You want to be engaged in your life, have less anxiety, and have confidence in yourself.

So how the heck do you pull that off?

If you want to feel better you have to take action.

And one of the easiest and best ways to start taking action is working on that inner dialogue you are having with the committee in your head all day long.

Here’s what we are covering in this episode:

  • You are your own CEO, responsible for the good and the bad
  • How to manage your mindset and not beat yourself up
  • Recognizing limitations and learning to work around them

The key in all of this is to be successful in the changes you want to make. No one is perfect! It takes practice to build these skills and that’s why it’s important to be an action-taker!

The greatest thing you can do today is to GET STARTED!

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When you are in full-tilt action-taker mode and you want to do private Coaching with me, you can book a call here.