ADHD Symptoms

ADHD Symptoms & Treatment

Do you have ADHD symptoms?

Have you ever struggled to complete the most basic life tasks? Being on time, keeping up on the housework, and never knowing what day it is?

Does this scenario sound familiar? You sit down at your computer, you open a tab to get started on your first task. You know you have a few important things to complete today and you are ready to get it done.

Then something else catches your eye and you think, “I’ll just do this real quick”, and next thing you know two hours have flown by, you’ve got 20 tabs open on your computer and you never completed the original task you sat down to do.

I think most of us can relate to a scene like this at one point or another. But there is hope, my friends! And that hope comes in understanding what’s happening for you, why, and how to deal with it. And this episode is FULL of all of that information!

With some simple tweaks in the way you approach your day, and your life, you’ll find much more success in the small things that may drive you crazy. Excited about showing up to things and being on time, feeling confident that you are good in conversations because you aren’t constantly interrupting, and having a new sense of calm without major over-reactions to small things.

And this is where Kristen Carder comes in. Kristen, founder of Focused membership community, shows you how to recognize ADHD symptoms and how to manage them with support and education.

A few common symptoms of ADHD:

👉 Impulsivity
👉 Time Blind
👉 Difficult to Identify, Regulate, and Soothe Emotions

I wasn’t familiar with the term ‘time blind’ until recently and this was a major aha for me! Are you ready to listen and get solutions?

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