There’s a really good reason you hear “the struggle is real”.

Alcoholics and the alcohol-free alike hear the word “struggle” and think, “Ah, my familiar friend. I know exactly what the struggle feels like.”

It feels like poo. 💩

You could *genuinely* love your recovery!

But the hours it takes from the other areas of life that need you… plus the feeling there’s always something missing… are enough to steal the joy right out of the sobriety and life you love.

So I’d like to introduce you to my guest on today’s episode, Christi Cripps. 

Christi’s life changed when she was forced to face the fact that her drinking problem had taken over her life. And when she did… she experienced more growth in her life than ever before.

When I heard this, I was like…

… I have to share this with my people!

And man, oh man, my friend, she’s sharing it all ❤️

On today’s episode, Christi and I talk about:

  • Exactly how Christi recognized her problem AND what she did about it
  • How to identify what the heck is happening (instead of convincing yourself that “it’s fine”… when it’s not.)
  • How us achiever-types can begin to get comfortable getting help, instead of avoiding all the help out of pride (GUILTY)

I don’t want you to build a successful recovery lifestyle only to arrive at the place you’ve always dreamed of being… and then wish you were anywhere else because you aren’t getting relief.

You don’t have to suffer all the way to sobriety. In fact, you won’t get to maintain sobriety if you feel like every step of the journey is a struggle.

So hang up your sober-curious cleats, and listen to my empowering conversation with Christi Cripps. 

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