BIG Work I Wish I Had Done Sooner (and What You Should Know)

Do you find yourself wondering if you are working on the right things? Or, asking yourself what you should be focused on at this stage of your recovery? This is one of the biggest challenges in early sobriety, especially

BIG Work I Wish I Had Done Sooner (and What You Should Know)2021-07-14T09:49:23-05:00

10 Things To Tell People Why You Aren’t Drinking

What if I told you you could go to all the summer events, pool parties, camping trips, going to the lake for the weekend, family vacays and bbq’s and get through them easily, even if you are in the

10 Things To Tell People Why You Aren’t Drinking2021-07-07T11:03:29-05:00

ADD/ADHD Problems

Have you ever felt like you just don’t fit anywhere because your brain is going 100 mph and no one understands you? Or, you feel like you drive people crazy because you are scattered and disorganized, you constantly interrupt

ADD/ADHD Problems2021-06-09T08:45:34-05:00

Life Coach v. Recovery Coach

I can't believe it has been 13 years since I took my first course to become a Life Coach. Every day I woke up I wanted to help people. I woke up feeling more and more excited about building the

Life Coach v. Recovery Coach2021-05-26T10:19:20-05:00

Relationship Expert Lana Elco

Lana Elco specializes in working with prominent visionary women and leading women entrepreneurs on their most intimate relationships & deeply private areas of life. Her focus is guiding her clients into the deepest level of intimacy and transforming their intimate

Relationship Expert Lana Elco2021-05-19T11:35:11-05:00

What I Learned Doing 90 Meetings In 90 Days

Before I got sober I struggled to do the most basic things. I spent the majority of my time drunk, hungover, or thinking about and planning the next drinking event. I was full of fear, had to drink to

What I Learned Doing 90 Meetings In 90 Days2021-05-12T10:15:17-05:00

12 Morning Routine Ideas

You hear the alarm go off, you don't want to get up because you stayed up late last night watching one more episode of that show you love, you hit the snooze, and hit it again... and again. Next

12 Morning Routine Ideas2021-04-14T09:19:13-05:00

Shantell Ogden: Songs to Recover By

"This is an album that helps to combat addiction, fears and anxieties and serves as a reminder that with the bad comes the good and to hold onto your loved ones as you travel through the ups-and-downs of life"

Shantell Ogden: Songs to Recover By2021-03-10T11:07:02-06:00

5 Surefire Ways to Build Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem feels like this elusive 'thing' we want, but aren't really sure how to get it. You know your self-esteem isn't great. You can see how it's holding you back in your life. But how do you change it?

5 Surefire Ways to Build Your Self-Esteem2021-03-03T09:18:18-06:00
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