Drinking less and feeling better is the desire of struggling drinkers everywhere.

It’s why we start this journey in the first place, right? Less alcohol consumption, better life.

My guest on today’s episode, Gillian Tietz, changed her life forever when she was forced to take a hard look at her drinking habits and as a result, her quest for moderation came to a halt.

But then, the unthinkable happened.

Gill experienced the relief she was seeking with no alcohol at all.

And she’s breaking it all down during our conversation in this episode.

In it, Gill is throwing a wrench in the whole concept of moderation for alcoholics. So, if you’ve been looking for guidance on whether or not you are someone who can moderate, or someone who needs to quit altogether, you’re in the right place.

In this episode, Gill and I talk about:

  • Exactly what Gill went through in her moderation journey
  • How to recognize how badly you feel (instead of trying to sweep it under the rug and power through)
  • How us problem-drinkers can begin to shift our perspective on getting help, instead of continuing to hide and be miserable

You don’t have to ride the train all the way to a dramatic and tragic rock bottom. In fact, you won’t get better if you can’t get real.

So hang up your drunken dancing shoes, my friend, and listen to my less-is-more conversation with Gillian Tietz.


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