You may equate self-discipline and self-control to be virtually the same thing, and according to Webster’s Dictionary they pretty much are. But when it comes to the world of psychology, they are defined as two different processes.

Having strong self-control can help you keep your debit card on lockdown and save you from impulse shopping on Amazon. It can help you refrain from having another cookie when they are calling your name. Or, it can help you refrain from giving your number to that person you have no business giving your number to.

This is a struggle so many of my clients have, and it can make you feel bad about yourself.

What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I stop doing this? I’m shopping too much and it’s causing problems in my marriage, or, I’m working too much and it’s causing problems in my marriage.

I’m over-eating and I feel like crap! I can’t figure out this sugar thing! I quit drinking and now I’m eating sugar like crazy!

Lacking self-control can cause a host of problems from your temper getting the best of you, to deciding in a split second to go down the liquor aisle at the grocery store and put booze in your cart.

It’s that instant gratification thing we talk about in so many episodes. I want it right now, I don’t want to wait, I want to feel better now!

And,  this is a damaging way to live. You will get much farther in every way if you have the ability to regulate yourself, and love delayed gratification. You will naturally make better decisions if you aren’t clouded by the need for instant gratification.

Think about it like this: self-discipline is the gas pedal, and self-control is the brake.

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