Stop Worrying

It seems like nearly everyone is running around the planet stuck in anxiety and worry. Especially since coronavirus started. 40 million people in the United States suffer from anxiety. It is the number one mental illness. Thoughts start swirling

Stop Worrying2021-03-31T09:15:08-05:00

6 Months Sober

When you are sitting at 1 week sober, or one month sober it can feel like an eternity to get to 6 months. You also have a ton of questions running through your mind about what it's going to

6 Months Sober2020-11-04T09:16:50-06:00

When I Wanted to Die

Every morning when I opened my eyes and realized I was alive, I felt defeated. I felt like I was being punished for being a bad person and most days I didn't know how I would survive. For more

When I Wanted to Die2019-03-01T18:47:11-06:00

#29 A Sober-Minded Life with Jenn Kautsch of Sober Sis

Sober Sis founder, Jenn Kautsch, is a pioneer in this movement of sober-minded living. This is about making a conscious choice to be the best version of yourself, to live in an intentional manner creating the life you want.

#29 A Sober-Minded Life with Jenn Kautsch of Sober Sis2019-01-31T14:49:55-06:00

#16 Manny Rodriguez | Hollywood Rehab | La Fuente

La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center is an inpatient drug rehab dedicated to the LGBT community. An intimate program that provides hands-on care, community-driven, with a clear mission. Manny Rodriguez, Co-Founder and CEO,  talks about his personal recovery, how he

#16 Manny Rodriguez | Hollywood Rehab | La Fuente2022-12-24T14:18:01-06:00
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