It seems like nearly everyone is running around the planet stuck in anxiety and worry. Especially since coronavirus started.

40 million people in the United States suffer from anxiety. It is the number one mental illness.

Thoughts start swirling around your head, what’s going to happen, will it be okay, I can’t pay my bills, can I stay sober… and the more they swirl, the more you can blow them out of proportion and make them feel much bigger than they are.

Early in my recovery I was taught to “get things right-sized”. Meaning, get clear on what is happening, what my thoughts are about it, and what is the ACTUAL situation. Not what I’m catastrophizing about it, but what it really is.

In this episode I’ll talk about some quick strategies to get your thoughts in order, be realistic, and how to change the story you are telling yourself from one of doom and gloom and worry, to one of reality, preparedness, and truth.

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