When you are sitting at 1 week sober, or one month sober it can feel like an eternity to get to 6 months. You also have a ton of questions running through your mind about what it’s going to be like and how will life be different?

Kristin just celebrated 6 months sober and she has learned so much! She went to treatment, relapsed, but never gave up.

These are my favorite stories. The most important part of this whole recovery/life change game is that you NEVER stop trying. Nothing has to be ‘perfect’, there is no such thing! But you do have to continue to show up for yourself on a daily basis. You have to challenge yourself to do things that are uncomfortable, and you have to do it over and over.

This is why I say people with addiction are the strongest people- because when we get this thing and it really sinks in, we are powerful and making hard choices each day. Kristin is a phenomenal example of trying over and over, embracing recovery, being teachable, and investing in herself and her life.

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