Sober-Minded Living with Sober Sis

Sober Sis founder, Jenn Kautsch, is a pioneer in this movement of sober-minded living. This is about making a conscious choice to be the best version of yourself, to live in an intentional manner creating the life you want. And sometimes that means living alcohol-free.

Hear Jenn’s story of how she recognized alcohol was causing some inner turmoil, it was taking up too much ‘space’ in her life, and how she embarked on this amazing journey to create Sober Sis.

Sober Sis is a tribe of women who are gray-area drinkers. No labels, no all-or-nothing mentality, no horror stories of DUIs and jail stints (like me :))- but women who feel as though drinking is a bit more prominent in their lives than they want it to be. Sober Sis is the place to find love, acceptance, and support when you don’t fit the stereotypes, but want to make a change.

We recorded this episode in Jenn’s home in Fort Worth, TX. A beautiful and warm home where she hosts gatherings for her tribe called Mocktails & Munchies.  An alcohol-free get together where the tribe experiments with different drink recipes as they support and connect with one another without the need for wine or spirits.

It’s amazing what Jenn is doing, and I am super grateful she spent this time with me and let me get to know more about her, and Sober Sis!