Moderate Drinking

Wherever you may be in your journey, attempts to moderate drinking are a part of (almost) everyone’s story.

It’s a relationship we spend years nurturing. It has your back, it’s always there, and it always gives you what you need.

Until it doesn’t.

You may know today’s guest as the superstar host of the Hello Someday Podcast. And, believe it or not, she had all the same fears and anxieties that you have when she was facing the thought of quitting drinking.

She worked at a Fortune 500 company, had the husband, and the kids and had a hard time wrapping her head around a drinking problem.

Like you have probably done over and over again, she first tried to moderate drinking. You know what I’m talking about, all the rules you put in place for yourself to try to force you to not drink too much.

  • I’ll only drink on the weekends
  • I won’t drink until after 5
  • I’ll only drink beer, NO liquor
  • Only on special occassions!

I know, my friend, I did it, too.

Lucky for us, Casey started her journey with baby steps. She decided to quit for a little while then built her alcohol-free life from there.

Little by little she eased herself into long-term sobriety and you can hear all about what worked for her, and what didn’t, and what might work for you in this episode.


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