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Drinking in Moderation Podcast

If the illusion of moderation is very persistent and you find yourself thinking, “Maybe I can, in fact, have just ONE drink”.

And things aren’t going as well as you’d hoped, or you find yourself feeling left out in groups, or the lie tells you that once you ‘work through it’ then you can manage just one drink.

If any of this sounds familiar then you, my friend, are in the perfect place right now. This is a must-listen-to podcast if you are any of those scenarios.

So, if you’ve ever had challenges with the moderation myth or your brain keeps telling you it will different now and you’re a little bit worried about how to get through it, today is like a checklist of different areas that you can troubleshoot to make sure if you’re stuck you can move through it; and if you haven’t fallen into the trap yet, then you can side step some of these big mistakes.

It’s important that you actually listen to this episode and not tune out because this isn’t happening for you right now. This is a weird little tick in sobriety that can happen any time. None of us are shielded from these thoughts and traps- no matter how long you’ve been sober.

It took me a few situations before I really understood that I couldn’t control my alcohol intake. And when I say that, it doesn’t mean I never had nights out that I controlled it, I did. I had a  few of those nights when I just had a few and went home without any drama.

But those nights were very few and far between. Just like you can quit for 30 days for Dry January or Sober October, or, sometimes we quit for much longer- and that feeds the myth that there is some level of control.

Let’s go ahead and dive into the trouble with your moderation dreams.


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