Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Figuring out your relationship with alcohol can be hard.

Especially if you’re looking for all the reasons to convince yourself you’re “not that bad”.

And, on top of all the questions flying around in your head, like, am I really that bad? Will I be able to control it after I stop for awhile? Do I really have to quit forever?

You may also be wondering what type of damage alcohol is doing to your body.

You may even think you don’t drink enough to have physical effects from alcohol. But I’m here to tell you, alcohol is far more damaging than you think. And the surprising thing is, some of the risks are just as high for “normal” drinkers, as they are for chronic alcoholics.

So today we’re talking about the effects of alcohol on the body.

And not only the post acute withdrawal type of stuff, but really about the real risks that come with drinking alcohol.

A sip of alcohol can feel like a your savior. You think it’s rescuing you from your anxieties, insecurities, boredom, and all the things you’re unhappy about in your life.

And under that lie, there is so  much more going on and it’s manipulating your body’s landscape.

From the first drink to the last, and no matter how many there are in between, alcohol takes a journey through your body, changing things like your brain and heart and it’s creating long-term risks you don’t want.


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