There’s a bit more to drug and alcohol withdrawal than just the physical symptoms and discomfort.

The initial withdrawal or, detox, period is mostly about your body’s healing and purging the poison.

The next phase is all about your brain.

Post Acute Withdrawal happens after that initial couple of weeks when you quit drinking and lay low to get over the physical withdrawal. But PAWS is what happens as your brain begins to heal and adjust to this “new normal” without substance.

It can happen a few weeks into recovery or a few months down the road and it is a temporary condition lasting anywhere from a few months up to a year.

The scary part is, PAWS is a driving factor in relapse.

Your natural feel-good chemicals are all out of whack and your brain is in a major reboot phase. And if your natural feel-good chemicals aren’t firing right… how good do you think you’re going to feel??

We’re digging in to all the details of PAWS. What is it, why does it happen, what are the symptoms, and what the heck can you do about it?!?

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