If you are sitting in early sobriety, or feeling “stuck” in your recovery, this conversation is for you.

In the beginning, motivation is high because there is some event that makes you stop and analyze what you’re doing, ie. you embarrassed yourself at a party, you fell down drunk and hurt yourself, got in a fight with your partner, or got a DUI.

There is something that makes you wake up and think, “Holy crap, I’ve got to get it together.”

But, as you’ve heard me say before, you can’t depend on motivation because it comes… and it goes.

When motivation goes down, staying sober is a challenge.

Life strikes, throws you a curveball, emotions are triggered and you find yourself wanting a drink more than ever.

There are a few key skills you can start focusing on to set yourself up for success and we are doing a deep dive in this episode.

You wouldn’t start a road trip without using GPS so why would you start your sober lifestyle without a loose plan of what the heck you’re going to do?

This is an inside view of what it looks like to start your sobriety with the right mindset and a plan to get farther than you’ve ever gotten before.

Peace of mind and sober freedom are within your grasp, starting now.

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