Skills, strategies, and tools for your emotional toolbox…

…any thing or activity that is good for your mental wellness and helps you stay balanced and happy.

Coping skills are things we can do in the moment, when we are feeling uncomfortable/anxious/angry/overwhelmed, to help us turn down the volume of our emotions and avoid letting them take control.

They help us to get through stressful situations with a little more ease, and without doing something we’ll regret later on.

Having healthy coping strategies isn’t going to cure WHY you have the anger, resentment, or general discomfort in life, but what it does, is allow you to create more calm in your life by having healthier responses to emotions.

And when you can respond to emotions in a healthier way you have more power in your life and you won’t need to turn to alcohol to numb.

Different coping skills serve different purposes, too, so let’s dive in to the coping strategies that will change the way you live.


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