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It may sound crazy to think about getting geared up for holiday season, but I want you to be prepared so we are starting with some warm and fuzzy motivation.

In the midst of all the weight of getting sober, having jobs, raising kids, and being high-functioning… it can be exhausting to stay excited about this self-help journey.

And knowing there is plenty of stress for everyone, I want you to take a minute to breathe, and think about all the rewards for the hard work you are doing.

It’s so easy to look at the road ahead and get focused on how far we have to go. It is a road with no end, by the way, our work is never finished. At the same time, focus also on how far you’ve come.

I went back in the archives of Addiction Unlimited and pulled some clips from some of my favorite guests to put together an episode that is laser focused on the beauty of transformation and all the rewards that come with having a clear mind and a vision for the future.

Allyson Kane, Russ Perry, Omar Pinto, Mark Crandall, Emily Paulson, Chris Hill, and our very own 6 week program alum, Amorie. They all shared their stories with us on the podcast and I want you to hear the blessings and gratitude that recovery brings.

These are all high-functioning, educated, entrepreneurs and self-starters, just like all my clients, and they have taken full advantage of the gifts of sobriety. As we move into the most demanding season of the year, I want you to have a fresh perspective and renewed energy moving forward.

We’ll do a series of episodes on getting through the holidays and, as you know, mindset is where it all starts. So get your ear buds ready, start your workout or curl up in your quiet space, and let’s energize your mindset with the gifts of transformation.

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