We get caught up in the hard work of sobriety and forget to celebrate all the great things that come with the hard work.

All the questions about how will people react, worrying about the future, feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable, hating to feel feelings… but what about the clarity of thought? What about waking up without a hangover and not having to piece together the night before? How about showing up to work on time… for once!

Living with alcoholism is like being a prisoner of yourself and your own mind. But with sobriety comes this sense of power and control, a clear signal with your brain, and you get the opportunity to be a good person. Who knew?!?

This is my last question I ask every guest, and over the years, we’ve gotten some really good answers. Let’s dig back in the archives and hear what some of our guests had to say about their favorite thing about being a sober person.

Austin Cooper of Sober Evolution, Courtney Friel, Vance Johnson, Jen Elizabeth, Russ Perry, and Jenn Kautsch.

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