How To Say I'm Sorry

There is no doubt that saying “I’m Sorry” can be difficult and feel super awkward.

Some people believe that to apologize is admitting we are ‘wrong’, or it means we ‘lose’ the argument. First of all, if your goal is to win an argument, you are already on the wrong path.

To make amends or offer an apology for behavior, words, or poor choices is actually a way to validate someone else’s feelings and show respect. It also requires some emotional maturity and an ability to put yourself and what you want to the side for a minute, to offer respect and love to someone else first.

It takes enormous strength and integrity to recognize your part in a situation then take the time to offer an amends for it. In this episode I’ll give you some good one liners to make those conversations a bit easier and give you courage to take responsibility for yourself and your actions.

Oh yeah, there’s a little rant in here about Southwest Airlines and the crazy situation I just experienced- I’m shocked by the poor customer service of an airline I have been so faithful to.

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