You want to learn how to stop letting alcohol ruin your mood, your behavior, and damaging your life. But figuring out weekends, and vacations, and coping skills all feel overwhelming.

It feels like there is so much to manage when quitting drinking. And this is why it’s so important to get back to basics and keep things super simple.

Your recovery path is your choice. I think this is something we don’t talk about enough- even if you go to a program, you still get to choose how you create your recovery journey.

This episode is a great conversation about recovery, the stumbling blocks of 12 steps, how to stay sober without the 12 steps, and be a better human being.

Do you need a program? Are you powerless? Do you have to quit forever? Are you an alcoholic?

These are all questions we dig into in this episode. A portrayal of recovery and all the terms and all the different belief systems we have around this illness… and remembering that you have the choice to do your recovery however you want to do your recovery.

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