How to Deal With FOMO

How to deal with fear of missing out

Imagine this… you’re crawling in your bed – you love it there – you’ve got your book in your hand and you are so ready to shut the world out, and relax. You’ve had a long week – work, errands, activities – and you can’t wait to get under the covers and sink in to the warmth and comfort of your bed.

And right when you get the pillows situated just right, you’re about to open your book, or, if you’re like me, hit the power button on the remote – your phone dings at you, begging for your attention.

You pick up your phone to see what’s up and it’s a picture of your friends;

They’re out, dressed up, looking amazing, everyone is smiling and having the time of their lives- and instantly you’re overcome with a wave of FOMO.

Just 3 seconds before you were ecstatic to be comfy and cozy in your bed!

But now… you feel inadequate.  In bed at 9pm on a Saturday night… in your pajamas.

The good news is, you’re not alone in this.

And the point of this episode is to get some clarity on FOMO so that you can make choices that serve you in your life, rather than being impulsive and deciding to do something on a whim just to appease our ego or your social media feed.

FOMO will lead you to make decisions you regret because you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. I’ve done it, too!

I’ve been the person saying ‘yes’ to going somewhere I don’t really want to go or staying out way later than I like to because of all those thoughts that run through your head – I should be going out and doing things, I should be meeting people and having fun!

Then I end up doing things I don’t like or going places I don’t like and then I’m tired and mad and full of regret cussing myself for not knowing better.

FOMO steals your attention away from what’s important and from being connected to what’s actually happening in the moment. It contributes to anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and making bad choices!

I want you to ask yourself what you are saying “yes” to, that you should be turning down in your life.


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