Avoid Relapse 

You’ve heard it before, right? Relapse is a part of recovery.

So how do you actually avoid relapse?

The truth is, the vast majority of people relapse in their first year of sobriety. I know through my own experiences and those of my clients that understanding relapse and having a plan in place to overcome it, can dramatically change your life.

What does that plan look like? How do you make a plan?

We’re going to get into some strategies and specifics today to help you get your head wrapped around where you want to focus in terms of your relapse prevention efforts.

This episode is all things relapse prevention. Not just because it’s a huge topic, but because it’s something we need to continually talk about to make sure you’re putting your efforts in the right place and moving forward in your sober life.

So, I  want to get you fully up to speed on the 3 pillars of relapse prevention and the exact strategies for each of those pillars so that you can focus your time and energy only on what you really want to be working on and you’ll get the confidence you want to feel good in your life and not to feel like you’re constantly looking over your shoulder waiting for a relapse to take you down.

Alcohol can’t pour itself down your throat. You have A LOT of power in this situation.  That’s what this episode is all about.

By the end of this episode my hope is that you will have a really good understanding as to where you’ve gone wrong in the past and where you need to put a little more effort and focus to make your relapse prevention plan stronger than its ever been.

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