Today we’re going to talk about triggers. This is a regular topic of conversation in recovery- we always talk about knowing your triggers and protecting yourself from triggers- but I don’t see the deep dive into triggers- the different kinds and how to recognize them. And this is a game changer.

First let’s break it down into this simple equation:  Triggers produce thoughts, thoughts lead to actions, and actions lead to either a reward or a consequence.

Every single thing you do on a daily basis starts as a thought in your head. This is why I put so much emphasis on mindset and thought process- because it 100% directs you in your life. Everything starts as a thought so it is extremely important that we are in tune with our thoughts and practice training them to support us and be positive instead of mean.

We understand triggers and how powerful they are- but did you know there are different kinds of triggers?

This is super important too because it goes along with learning to protect your sobriety and understanding what situations may be more challenging for you.

We are going to keep this simple and talk about social/environmental triggers ,mental, and emotional triggers.

You walk into a summer party at your sister’s house, hello social trigger! You were stuck in traffic all the way there (mental trigger) and you already feel worn the F out (emotional trigger).

You see how you are already vulnerable as you are walking in the door? No one has said anything to you, no one has offered you a drink, nothing has happened, but there are some triggers stacked up against you already.

And the MOST important part of the whole episode is the SOLUTION. I’ll walk you through, step-by-step how to protect your recovery in any situation.

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