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709, 2022

ADHD Symptoms: Do You Have It & How To Treat It

ADHD Symptoms Do you have ADHD symptoms? Have you ever struggled to complete the most basic life tasks? Being on time, keeping up on the housework, and never knowing what day it is? Does this scenario sound familiar? You sit

3108, 2022

The Secret To Change How You Feel About Yourself

Change how you feel You use substances and behaviors to change how you feel, because you don’t feel good. For all my listeners who have dreams of a wonderful life and maybe struggle with a little self-doubt, fear of failure,

1708, 2022

Guaranteed Ways to Make Sleep Easier for You

Sleep Hygiene I’ve been at this Life Coaching thing for a long time and sleep hygiene is a problem for a lot of people. I’ve worked with thousands of people and I’ve gotten pretty good at recognizing patterns. Specifically, patterns

308, 2022

Strategies You Need To Turn The Tables On Wine O’Clock

Wine O'Clock A successful recovery has everything to do with how you plan your day and approach your challenges. Imagine this scenario: You've been alcohol-free for a minute, and you really want to continue waking up without a hangover and

2707, 2022

How to Stay Engaged and Inspired In Your Life

How to stay engaged in life Get ready to tackle the uninspired daily grind and uncover this not-so-secret framework that I use in my life (and with my clients!) to stay engaged in your life and feel inspired. Let's be

2007, 2022

How To Conquer Mental Resistance and Energize Your Life

Mental Resistance Stop getting trapped in mental resistance.  And right now, you may be saying, "But Angela, you don't know my life and how hard things are. I don't have support, I have kids and activities and work...." Oh boy.

1307, 2022

Unlock the Meaning of Self-Sabotage & Helpful Ways to Overcome It

Self-Sabotage Meaning The title says it all. Let's start with self-sabotage meaning: Self-sabotage occurs when we destroy ourselves physically, mentally, or emotionally or deliberately hinder our own success and wellbeing by undermining personal goals and values- But why do we

607, 2022

Build A Simple Foundation For Successful Sobriety

Whether you are getting sober, going through a breakup, or just look at yourself in the mirror one day and recognize it’s time to make some changes because you aren’t feeling great about who you are or how you’re treating

2906, 2022

Simple Formulas That Will Build Powerful Sobriety

Powerful Sobriety One of my Addiction Unlimited besties is the textbook definition of a recovery warrior. He's in his second year sober, has been a valuable member of our Facebook group and Sober Society Membership community, and is an incredible

1506, 2022

Quickly See What Happens With Unresolved Trauma

"Machines are built to work 24/7, but not human beings." This is a fantastic quote from Marie Forleo that has always stood out to me because most humans aren't very good at balancing all the areas of life to be

906, 2022

Guaranteed Results When Your Social Life Is Stalled

Stalled Social Life It's Friday night and you're home, alone, zero invitations to go anywhere, it's just you, your seltzer, and Netflix. Again. You feel like your social life is stalled, you're stuck in a rut of boring, and your

2505, 2022

The Challenge Of Dealing With Judgmental People

Judgmental Person Being a judgmental person is usually a defense mechanism people use to try to boost their own sense of self-worth. Being judgy and gossipy is a way to get an ego boost, although it has quite the opposite

1805, 2022

How To Reclaim Your Relationship When One Partner Gets Sober

Alcoholic Spouse Choosing to get sober can be one of the scariest, wildest, and most beautiful decisions you ever make. But what about the people you share your life with and, possibly, shared drinks with? Those that held your hair

1105, 2022

The Bottom Line On The High-Functioning Alcoholic

High Functioning Alcoholic Many people deny a drinking problem because they are a high functioning alcoholic. You haven't had a tragic rock bottom moment yet, so you can continue to tell yourself, "I'm not that bad".  But, rock bottom isn't

405, 2022

The Hidden Secrets of People & Porn Addiction

Porn Addiction One of the fastest growing addictions is sex and porn addiction. Just because something is uncomfortable to talk about, doesn’t mean we can ignore it and sweep it under the rug because it’s awkward. Addictions of every kind

2704, 2022

Simplified Answers You Need To Uncommon Questions

People often ask me their most challenging life questions and want to know how I manage the day-to-day struggles we all go through. And I will always tell you I live and die by knowing myself, my strengths, and my

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