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2912, 2021

The Recovery Struggle Is REAL

There’s a really good reason you hear “the struggle is real”. Alcoholics and the alcohol-free alike hear the word “struggle” and think, “Ah, my familiar friend. I know exactly what the struggle feels like.” It feels like poo. 💩 You

2212, 2021

How To Deal With Feelings And Prevent Relapse

Do you wish you had more balance and control over your feelings and moods? Tens of millions of people around the world struggle with anxiety, depression, and general overwhelm with life. And, although these feelings are now more common, many

1512, 2021

When You Get Sober, And Your Partner Doesn’t

Are you frustrated with having to face a partner who is still drinking or using drugs, when you've made the decision to change your life? My guest on this episode is a master at putting together a powerful conversation with

812, 2021

Coping Skills That Will Completely Change How You Live

Skills, strategies, tools for your emotional toolbox… coping skills are anything, any activity that is good for your mental wellness. Let’s start with the dictionary.com definition of “coping mechanism”, then we’ll go deeper- an adaptation to environmental stress that is

112, 2021

Filling the Void With Henry Ward

It can be hard to figure out how to spend your time when you leave booze and alcohol behind. At the same time, if you're willing to step out of your comfort zone and make use of that extra brain

2411, 2021

6 Foolproof Ways to Not Be A Quitter

If I'm being totally honest, I was a quitter my whole life. I didn't want to do hard things. I didn't care about being committed to something, and I was too selfish to get off my buns and show up

1711, 2021

Stunning Facts That Will Shock You About Food Addiction

Food Addiction Need a confidence boost when it comes to overcoming addiction and the overwhelm of food cravings that come with it? It's important for you to know what's really going on with your food, and how it affects addiction.

1011, 2021

Don’t Let Cravings Drive You Crazy

You’re cruising along in your day feeling good, just minding your own business, when all of a sudden the thought of a drink pops in your head. What the heck?!? You don't want to drink, you know it tried to

311, 2021

Break Free and Live

Addiction Unlimited has an incredible, supportive Facebook group and today’s episode is one of our listeners, and one of my MVPs in the FB group. I plucked him right out of the crowd to come on and do an episode

2710, 2021

The Best Solutions You Can Have For Anxiety

It surprised me to read that some 40 million adults in the US have some sort of anxiety disorder. That's a lot! I've known for several years that I have anxiety. And it can manifest in different ways at different

2010, 2021

Juicy Tips On How You Can Combat Recovery Fatigue

Let’s talk recovery fatigue. Not the kind of fatigue where you are tired because you are early in your recovery and your body is on the roller coaster ride of it’s lifetime- but the fatigue you feel because you are

1310, 2021

10 Life-Changing Habits You Can Start Today

Creating a life you love takes work. We're supposed to eat healthy and cook fresh food for every meal, get 10,000 steps, meditate, work, sleep, take care of your family, exercise, go to your support group meetings, do self-care... and,

610, 2021

Sensible Tips To Life & Recovery With Adam Jablin

"My journey led me to face not just alcohol and drugs, but all of my addictions and dependencies. My classic tale of descent and redemption can unleash the Superman hidden in each of us. A Superman who SAVES LIVES!" Without

2209, 2021

The Subtle Art Of Living Sober With Wade Bergquist

"I'm not in the results business. I'm in the effort business." - Wade Bergquist Recovery is more than just putting down the drink. It's an accomplishment, a skill, a lifestyle and way of being, and in today's episode Wade and

You’re ready to get serious and stop with the wishy-washy BS.

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