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405, 2022

The Hidden Secrets of People & Porn Addiction

Porn Addiction One of the fastest growing addictions is sex and porn addiction. Just because something is uncomfortable to talk about, doesn’t mean we can ignore it and sweep it under the rug because it’s awkward. Addictions of every kind

2704, 2022

Simplified Answers You Need To Uncommon Questions

People often ask me their most challenging life questions and want to know how I manage the day-to-day struggles we all go through. And I will always tell you I live and die by knowing myself, my strengths, and my

1304, 2022

Helpful Secrets You Need To Stop The Self-Control Tailspin Now

You may equate self-discipline and self-control to be virtually the same thing, and according to Webster’s Dictionary they pretty much are. But when it comes to the world of psychology, they are defined as two different processes. Having strong self-control

604, 2022

Inside View That Will Make Your Recovery Better

You want to learn how to stop letting alcohol ruin your mood, your behavior, and damaging your life. But figuring out weekends, and vacations, and coping skills all feel overwhelming. It feels like there is so much to manage when

3003, 2022

Stuck In A Rut: My Growth Is At A Standstill

Do you feel like you are in a bit of a personal rut? You’re in good company: the number of people struggling with their mental health has increased considerably in the past two years. Thankfully, feeling stuck in a rut

2303, 2022

A Dirty Little Secret: Sober In The Service Industry

When you work in the service industry as a bartender, server, chef, or anything else, you know firsthand the culture is all about late nights and hard partying. People who work in restaurants, food service or hospitality have higher rates

903, 2022

How To Get Relationship Bliss With These Simple Steps

Be happy in your relationship even if your partner won't do a thing! Are you in the midst of a relationship rough patch or trying to heal from the last one? No relationship is free from ups and downs, but

203, 2022

The Complete Guide to Understanding Your Codependence Problem

I'm giving you my deepest codependence secrets in this one and I'm willing to bet you can relate! This is the second episode in my 3-part series, Boundaries, Codependence, & Self-Esteem. I like doing the deep dive into these concepts,

2302, 2022

Facts About Gambling Addiction You Need to Know

Gambling is addictive because it stimulates the brain's reward system much like drugs or alcohol can. In fact, gambling addiction is the most common impulse control disorder worldwide. THAT... is a bold and frightening statement from addictioncenter.com and I feel

1602, 2022

What Unhealthy Boundaries Tell Others About You

When you don't set healthy boundaries with the people around you, it sends a crystal-clear message... and it's one you may not be aware of. There are several types of boundaries you are setting everyday without even realizing it. When

902, 2022

How To Deal With Codependence

Taking adversity and using it to our advantage is the name of the game around here. And today is no different. Is it difficult for you to make decisions in your relationships? Do you have trouble identifying your feelings, communicating

202, 2022

The Science Of Sobriety And How To Feel Better Faster

There's a bit more to drug and alcohol withdrawal than just the physical symptoms and discomfort. The initial withdrawal or, detox, period is mostly about your body's healing and purging the poison. The next phase is all about your brain.

2601, 2022

What No One Tells You About Overeating

Our relationship with food has become disordered and  borderline obsessive. As we ring in the new year we ring in new promises to ourselves to "be better", "try harder", and make all those changes we thought about last year. But,

1901, 2022

How To Break Your Bad Habits in 6 Easy Steps

You know you want to change. You know you need to change. Yet, you resist change for some reason you have yet to understand. This episode's for you. But that old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks",

1201, 2022

Signs You Should Stop Trying To Moderate Your Drinking

Drinking less and feeling better is the desire of struggling drinkers everywhere. It's why we start this journey in the first place, right? Less alcohol consumption, better life. My guest on today's episode, Gillian Tietz, changed her life forever when

501, 2022

How To Forgive Yourself

You can't drive your car looking in the rearview mirror so why do you live your life that way? If you want to move forward and create a new life, you have to look forward. In this episode, I'm bringing

2912, 2021

The Recovery Struggle Is REAL

There’s a really good reason you hear “the struggle is real”. Alcoholics and the alcohol-free alike hear the word “struggle” and think, “Ah, my familiar friend. I know exactly what the struggle feels like.” It feels like poo. 💩 You

2212, 2021

How To Deal With Feelings And Prevent Relapse

Do you wish you had more balance and control over your feelings and moods? Tens of millions of people around the world struggle with anxiety, depression, and general overwhelm with life. And, although these feelings are now more common, many

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