Over and over, you tell yourself you can do it on your own, it’s not that bad, you are only hurting yourself- then your spouse catches you, finds out about all your lies, and your world comes crashing down. When you find yourself staring in the face of your biggest lie, you know it’s time to make a change. This is a story of triumph over the lies you tell yourself when fighting alcoholism.

Getting sober with Celebrate Recovery (and a small side of AA) Russ shares his journey as an entrepreneur and an alcoholic, and how one feeds the other. In his book, The Sober Entrepreneur, he says:

“In a way, rock bottom represents solid ground, and it can help you get your footing in a place that, until then, had been covered up in lies and half-truths. At rock bottom, we can push against something substantial and start swimming up towards the air again.”

Drinking devastates every area of your life. The longer you do it, the bigger it gets. Your anxiety grows, your self-esteem takes a nose dive, and you feel disgusted with yourself.

Russ shares the value of his rock bottom moment and how he used this opportunity to rebuild himself from the ground up, to become the man, the husband, the father, and the businessman he always wanted to be. These are the gifts of recovery that we all deserve.

I can’t say thank you enough for the time I got to spend with Russ- it’s an honor to share space with people who wear their courage publicly and continue to blaze the trail for those coming up in sobriety. This life is phenomenal, and with the right support you have the ability to live the sober life you dream of.

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