Angela Pugh Breaking Down Guilt and Shame

Last week we talked about different things you can do to deal with anxiety and how to start to neutralize it and break it down. And I told you this week we would talk about guilt and shame.  These are the three things you struggle with more than anything when you are trying to get and stay sober and that’s why I wanted to address them directly.

I know you are struggling. You feel exhausted and overwhelmed, and completely lost as to what to do to make it stop. I’ve been there, too. You have heard me talk about my anxiety on other episodes, and, at times, my anxiety is debilitating. I have had a lot of practice breaking it down, I am pretty good at talking myself off the ledge now, but there are still situations that get the best of me and I still have times that I isolate to an unhealthy degree. The difference today is, I can recognize when I’m being a little bit unhealthy, and I trust myself to take the necessary action to correct it.

To counteract guilt and shame, to rebuild self-confidence and self-esteem, you must do esteemable acts. Do as many things as possible to feel good about yourself and make those around you feel good about you. That’s how you break down guilt and shame.

This episode is FULL of valuable information and a perspective to understand who and what you really are. And if you want group or individual mentorship with me, I promise I’ll leave a link below to get that, too.

Don’t let alcohol fool you, you deserve to live happy and sober.


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