stages of relapse

stages of relapse

What if I told you that you could statistically increase your chances of living an alcohol-free life, even if you’re just getting started, or you’ve been struggling with staying sober?

Well, today I have 3 proven steps to help you do exactly that, and these are the same steps you’ll use to get through each of the stages of relapse.

If you’re like me, and most of my clients, you know the struggle of trying to get and stay sober. And sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we fall back into our old patterns. So today, we’re going to explore the three stages of relapse and how to fight against them. We’ll take a look at how to recognize the signs, how to move through them, and how to come out on top.

Things that may surprise you in this episode are:

  • In stage one, you aren’t actually even thinking about drinking
  • High-risk situations can be hard to identify, but you’ll have a clearer picture after this
  • Bargaining! (I thought this was just one of the stages of grief!)

So when you start to feel frustrated, stressed, or overwhelmed, it’s important to understand where you are and take steps to manage your emotions and stress level.

You might start to doubt yourself or feel like you can’t handle the situation but I’m here to tell you, you absolutely can. And with the steps we talk about in this episode, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to protect yourself and nourish your recovery.


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