It takes some energy and planning. But it’s not impossible to stop the yo-yo sobriety.

In this episode I’ll tell you 11 reasons people continue to relapse, and some of them you’ve probably never heard before.

A lot of people love the drinking culture, and some have done it so long they don’t know any other way. The more they think about not drinking, the more overwhelming it starts to feel. What will you do, what will people think, how will people treat you…

But it’s all fake. Those are the stories they tell themselves to avoid taking action and being uncomfortable.

I did it, too.

Our culture has twisted the meaning of fun and what it looks like to have fun. Society screams you have to drink to have fun, you have to drink to relax, you have to drink to cope, you have to drink to connect with people.

This is a short road to wasted time and more years of regret.

The reality is, we know when our relationship with alcohol is toxic. WE KNOW.

I knew for a long time that I needed to give up alcohol once and for all, but I didn’t have the strength or the courage to commit to that decision. I also didn’t have all the resources the sober world has to offer today.

When you feel overwhelmed and scared it’s easy to get stuck and freeze. Too scared to make any move at all. But remember, millions of people quit drinking every day. So can you.

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