Lying, manipulating, being lazy, avoiding life… that’s not a great recipe for clean living. ⁠

When I think about the person I was in my active addiction, when I was still drinking, and I think about my personality traits and how I made decisions, it gives me a good idea where I need to start making changes to live clean and sober.

I was a liar. I manipulated people and jobs and situations and everything else. I was painfully selfish and self-centered. I was codependent.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to change your life and stop drinking, you have to change your behavior and lifestyle to match the NEW you. If you just put down the drink and try to continue being the OLD you, it probably won’t last.

Once you make a commitment to put down the drink then you get the chance to start making adjustments in all the other areas. And that’s when you start to feel good about yourself, people start to trust you again, and sobriety feels good.

It is much easier to STAY sober when you are enjoying your new self and your new life.

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