I want to talk about something that is near and dear to my heart, and if you aren’t already thinking about this in your life and finding solutions, you’ll want to start after this conversation.

This is a huge issue, not only in recovery, but for everyone. 63% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

And, most of us don’t have the know-how, the skills, or the confidence to not only get out of debt, but to properly manage the money we do have!

From total avoidance, trying to pretend it’s not happening, to just plain irresponsibility and overspending – it will affect every area of your life. 

Jobs, how you live, your dating and relationship life, keeping secrets, never letting friends too close because you don’t want them to know too much, how you keep family at a distance because you don’t want them to know yet another way you are falling short – it is a lot.

So, when I came across my guest today, she got my attention immediately. 

She is a financial Coach and she really gets that emotional attachment to money and how powerful it is in both negative and positive ways. 

We’re going to talk about some practical money management strategies, and some emotional connections to money. Understanding your relationship to money, what motivates you and what makes you anxious- and how to start fixing it when your finances are out of control. 


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