Our relationship with food has become disordered and  borderline obsessive. As we ring in the new year we ring in new promises to ourselves to “be better”, “try harder”, and make all those changes we thought about last year.

But, it doesn’t have to be such a struggle to learn good eating habits.

Especially if you have a healthy understanding of how to do it, and how to set your expectations appropriately.

Did you hear that? AP-PRO-PRIATELY. Say it again.

In this episode, food and fitness expert, Adam Gilbert, sets the record straight on the most common pitfalls of making lifestyle changes and how to overcome them.

And this isn’t the same old stuff you hear and read everywhere – Adam digs in to the good stuff that helps you create the change you crave.

Three lightbulb moments to listen for:

  • discomfort is our compass
  • the truth about self-sabotage (omg… blew my mind and changed everything!)
  • support & accountability to really change the game

Adam’s view on his health changed drastically after watching his father struggle with health issues, then get diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. In that moment he began to understand the importance of what goes in our bodies and how we treat them. And, although he was young, he started his own journey into wellness.

Now, he’s the Founder of My Body Tutor, an online coaching and accountability platform that matches you with your very own coach for daily support as you move toward your health goals.

Find Adam here:  https://www.mybodytutor.com/

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