Before I got sober I struggled to do the most basic things. I spent the majority of my time drunk, hungover, or thinking about and planning the next drinking event. I was full of fear, had to drink to calm my anxiety and discomfort, and I never did anything outside of my little safe comfort zone.

And because of that, I wasted a decade of my life doing a whole lot of nothing.

The only thing I was committed to in my life was drinking. I worked, but I would quit a job as soon as something or someone made me mad. I dated, but I quit relationships when they got the least bit tricky or uncomfortable.

I quit everything because I didn’t know how to cope with my life and I felt inadequate and unworthy. So I ran away from everything and found comfort in the bottle.

Now, I can look back to the beginning of my sobriety and I can see where all that changed.

For me, it was 90 meetings in 90 days.

The first time someone told me to do 90 in 90 I thought it sounded like such a huge commitment. How the heck do you do a meeting every day for 90 days?!?

But I knew I had to go big or go home and I knew the most important thing to me was to NOT drink. No matter what. So I showed up.


Slowly but surely I got to see all those things start to change. I learned what I was really capable of and I started to see a new version of myself that I liked a whole lot better and I just kept going.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 12 steps, SMART, or what program you do. The most important piece of the puzzle is that you show up consistently for yourself.

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