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When he had to get a prescription for pain medication, his doctor told him he couldn’t become addicted because he was a cop. Like seeing all the tragedy of addiction makes you immune to it’s powers.

Brock’s story could easily be a movie.

Police officer and undercover agent, run over by a truck in the line of duty, and that led to multiple surgeries and pain meds.

The opioid epidemic in the US is in the headlines every day. It is devastating our communities and young people, and it has changed our society and how we view medications.

Brock shares his journey from the job he loved and lived for, through his demise and all the pain and drama of addiction, to his rising and reclaiming of his life.

When I tell you  that people with addiction are strongest people ever built, I mean it. And Brock is further proof that we are made of something so powerful, when we put our minds to it, there’s nothing we can’t overcome.

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