Alcohol is gaslighting you.

It abuses you and humiliates you, it makes you feel terrible about yourself and makes your anxiety explode- then in the next breath it’s telling you how it can solve all your problems.

You don’t drink for a  few days or weeks, then you hear it whispering to you telling you it wasn’t that bad.


But it’s telling you you’re blowing it out of proportion, things will be different this time. It’s keeping you unsteady, not knowing when the next unpredictable thing is going to happen, it has you and your friends and family walking on eggshells.

You’re trying to make the right choices, you want to be better, you are praying for the honeymoon phase to come back, but it doesn’t.

So how do you stop the toxic relationship?

Just like people relationships, it’s very unhealthy when we are using it to avoid or numb pain.

And that is exactly what we do with alcohol. We are using it for the effect. You aren’t drinking wine because wine tastes so good- you drink wine because you like how it makes you feel. If you weren’t attached to the effect then you could put it down and walk away from it without a second thought.

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