Do you find yourself wondering if you are working on the right things? Or, asking yourself what you should be focused on at this stage of your recovery?

This is one of the biggest challenges in early sobriety, especially the first year or two. You are in the midst of so many changes, within yourself, your head is clear, your energy is up, and you want to continue to feel better and be better.

I was exactly the same way. And you know, hindsight is always 20/20.

There is no precise blueprint to healing. That is the #1 thing I want you to hear.

Issues will present themselves as you are ready to deal with them. And that includes trauma.

I always knew on some level I had some trauma- I had divorced parents, we had some chaos in our lives when I was young, I was an alcoholic, I had terrible relationships and made questionable decisions in my early adulthood- so I knew there were some deeper issues. But that’s all I knew.

And, if you’re anything like me, you may have this sense of something lurking deep below the surface.

I didn’t feel sad, like a depression, but I felt like something deep inside was holding me back from thriving in my life.

What I love about today’s guest is her approach to working with trauma. She makes it feel not so scary and totally doable. I wish I would have had someone like this 15 years ago!

Heck, I wish I would have found someone like this 2 years ago when I started working on my own trauma!

Trauma is all kinds of things that happen to us every single day. Divorce. Hurricanes, fires, and other natural disasters. Death. Accidents- car accidents, sports injuries, head injuries- and not only are these regular everyday occurrences traumas, but trauma is accumulative. It piles up inside of us day after day, year after year.

And I wish I would have found someone like our guest today to make it feel good and exciting instead of scary- meet Amy Guerrero with Thrive In Recovery.

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