Allyson Kane on Addiction Unlimited Podcast

I’m driving around St. Louis somewhat aimlessly. I have no idea where I am, I’ve never been here before, and I sure as hell don’t know where I’m going.

I found Allyson Kane on Instagram (I know that doesn’t come as a shock) when she posted a transformation pic celebrating 365 days alcohol-free. As you know, there are a million transformation pics on Insta- especially with this 10 year thing that’s going around; post a pic of the disaster you were 10 years ago next to a pic of you today with the magic of photo editing apps and filters. Sometimes it’s hard to know if we are celebrating life and change, or modern technology.

But Allyson’s caption is what really got my attention.

It’s crazy to see this. As many of you know, January 28th, 2018 was the day I took my life back…. Though it is painful to see that picture and remember that life, I am still very grateful for that girl on the left.

She was struggling hard. She had zero self-worth, self-love or belief. She was even struggling to find the will to live because she felt like such a failure.

But through the shame and pain and LEGIT by the grace of God she found the strength and bravery to reach out and lean on others and learn a new way of life. I will always honor that woman and that piece of me.

Change did not happen overnight. Learning to live without my crutch that was booze was anything but easy. But, I will tell you – every single thing I yearned for when I’d pour myself a glass of malbec, I found in sobriety:





The ability to give and receive love

I never thought I could do life without booze. I also never thought I’d ever be this happy or free. Gosh, I am so freaking grateful.


You know she struck every chord inside me and what I teach, preach, and live on a daily basis. Self-love, building self-confidence; building a person and a life that I love so much I don’t want to drink. It is my reason for living and serving, and I knew I wanted her on my show.

As with all of my guests, the moment she greeted me I felt like we were instant friends. She is warm and inviting and has a dynamite smile that puts you at ease immediately. This is exactly the kind of energy I thrive on and the whole reason I record all of my episodes in person.

We started talking as though we had been friends forever. The day I arrived in St. Louis to sit with Allyson was a challenging one for her, I think. She was in the midst of a huge transition that was unexpected and I would imagine she was battling pain, hurt, and disappointment. And I will let her share that story with you when she is ready. But Allyson had on that gorgeous smile and warm energy, she powered through, and we had an inspired conversation about life, love, and being alcohol-free.

I hope you love this episode.