If you’re listening to the Addiction Unlimited show, I’m guessing you’re interested in sobriety and recovery, right?

If you’ve struggled to make sense of it all because you are high-functioning, have a great job, a family, and a house in the right zip code…

…but you know deep down that you need to make a change, and make it last, this is the perfect episode to get serious insight on how alcohol doesn’t discriminate.

It doesn’t care if you have money or come from a prominent family, it doesn’t care how cool your handbag or car is, it just doesn’t discriminate.

Enter Elizabeth Chance, the fabulous host of the Busy Living Sober podcast and massive champion in the recovery community. I’ve recently gotten to know Elizabeth better and it has been a blast!

Elizabeth is a high-energy mom and wife who came from a country club family and followed the family legacy right into an alcohol-fueled lifestyle.

From distinguished galas to exclusive fundraisers with government officials, it took the simple words of a complete stranger to get her attention, and compel her to make a change.

We talk about the process of understanding you have a problem despite all the privilege and prestige, how she got sober, and how much the world of recovery has changed over the years.

She has absolutely mastered her recovery lifestyle and is sharing all of her challenges, tragedies, and the many sweet sober victories with you!

So listen in, my friend, because the opportunities to learn something new are endless.


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Busy Living Sober: https://elizabethchance.com/


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