We so often screw up decisions because we are stuck in seeking instant gratification.

You feel bad and you want it to go away right now.

You feel a craving and you want to eliminate it this second.

You feel uncomfortable and you want to change it instantly.

Recovery isn’t instant. Recovery is a long game.

You’ve heard all these sayings, your whole life- good things come to those who wait- anything worth having is worth fighting for- the best view comes after the hardest climb.

All of these are telling you that it will be hard! It will be uncomfortable, it will take commitment and probably some tears and you are going to have to challenge yourself.

Instant gratification doesn’t require any of that. It’s the easy way out and that’s why you don’t get long-term rewards from it. This is why you will find yourself in the same spot over and over again, because instant gratification doesn’t create change.

When you want to change your life and grow as a human being, it’s not about instant gratification anymore. It’s about what is best for me moving forward?

Let’s get some solutions.


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