High Functioning Alcoholic

In the beginning stages of realizing you’re drinking out of control you wonder how you are high functioning, and an alcoholic.

In my day, we went out and bought all the self-help books and vowed to get our lives together and try harder than we’ve ever tried before! And you start a whole life makeover plan and eat better and workout and start journaling every day and you have a whole new commitment to life.

For about a week.

Now, you do the same thing, but you hit the internet and podcasts and all the sober people books. I’m sad I didn’t have all this good stuff when I was struggling and that’s also what fuels me to continue creating a ton of resources and information for you so you can find everything you need and learn at your own pace and have honesty and knowledge about alcoholism, addiction, and recovery.

Oftentimes, when people think about alcoholics you envision these lives and situations that are a real mess. You think about rock bottom as this disastrous place where you’ve destroyed your life.

DUIs, jail, losing jobs and losing homes and losing families, and overall losing everything. You think of a person who is a mess all-around and looks like a mess and everywhere they go you can tell they’re a mess.

It’s drinking to blackout and losing friends, getting arrested, waking up with bruises that you have no idea where they came from.

And if we continue drinking, we can all get to that place. Or, like me, crashing my car drunk- it’s kind of a low bottom. Certainly a low-bottom moment.

This is where so many people, so many of you, separate yourselves.

You hear these stories, even my story of crashing my car, and you separate yourself by saying, “oh, I’m not that bad, I would never do something like that, I’ve never gotten a DUI, I have a job, and money, and a business and I take care of my family and I’ve never blacked out”- and you try to convince yourself that your problem is different.

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