I’m giving you my deepest codependence secrets in this one and I’m willing to bet you can relate!

This is the second episode in my 3-part series, Boundaries, Codependence, & Self-Esteem.

I like doing the deep dive into these concepts, figuring out how to apply it to your daily life how it makes sense for you, and getting real strategies about how to make changes.

These struggles of codependence, boundaries and self-esteem are universal. These aren’t issues specific to addiction- they’re specific to life.

At the same time, you can’t effectively recover for the long-term without addressing some of this stuff and making improvements.

Otherwise, you will still continue to be uncomfortable and not proud of who you are as a person and when you have that underlying discomfort and low self-esteem… it makes it very challenging to recover, very challenging to stay sober, and that’s when we transfer to another unhealthy behavior.

As an alcoholic, if I continue to be uncomfortable and not like myself, there’s a huge chance I will go back to drinking.

If I stay sober, and still feel uncomfortable and don’t like, trust, or believe in myself, then I will transfer to another unhealthy habit or addiction. Sex, food, shopping… whatever it may be.

To recover from life and all the curve balls it will throw at you, it’s imperative we see these  troublesome pieces of ourselves and spend some time healing them.

I’m going to start this episode by laying out some codependent behaviors. And I’m going to take it a step further- there are different reasons we use different codependent behaviors and today we are going to dig in to denial patterns, compliance patterns, and control patterns.

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