Judgmental Person

Dealing With Judgmental Person

Being a judgmental person is usually a defense mechanism people use to try to boost their own sense of self-worth. Being judgy and gossipy is a way to get an ego boost, although it has quite the opposite effect.

You know the people who are at the office or the gym or the pool party with something negative to say about everyone and creating an air of superiority in their own lives and choices? Yes, we all know those people.

And because I used to be that person, and I have worked with so many for so long… I recognize the signs and the underlying discomfort that can put the brakes on the self-improvement journey for so many people that just want to feel better and be better.

There are questions that arise when we think about dealing with a judgmental person.

Questions like:

  • What does it mean to be judgmental?
  • Why are people judgmental?
  • How do I deal with judgmental people??

And all these questions are exactly why I did this episode! Because these questions creep up everywhere, especially as we are trying to heal and get control of our lives back.

Which means, we need answers so we can continue to heal ourselves and understand how to better deal with the people around us who push our buttons.

So, in this episode, I want to help you push through the negative thoughts and personalizing other people’s judgmental nature so you can move forward, make bold decisions, and show up to regain control and build the life you know you deserve.

In fact, I share a few real-life examples of what being judgmental looks like so you can see if you have some work to do on yourself in this area, we talk about the underlying issues and what drives someone to this behavior (and how it’s not your fault!), and some powerful strategies on how to deal with judgmental people without letting them drain your energy and ruin your day.

And, just a friendly reminder… 16 years into my recovery and self-improvement journey and I still have to watch myself on this one. But it gets so much better and easier!

Being judgmental doesn’t have to continue to hold you down and keep you from being the person you want to be.

In fact, sometimes it ‘s recognizing the thoughts and counteracting them for the first time that allows you to have a major breakthrough moment.

There is a lot of power in these small shifts in our thoughts and behaviors that bring HUGE results in your life.

So settle in and get comfortable and let’s figure out how to flip the script on judgment and negativity.

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