When it comes to facing your recovery head on, breaking down your approach can be simple as 1-2-3:

> Who can you open up to

> Where can you get support

> What lifestyle changes do you need to make

Today’s guest is a podcast host, sober warrior, and the author of several books about addiction and recovery and we’re breaking down the most important pieces of any recovery journey. You can apply these lessons, trials & tribulations to your own program or process and use them to your advantage.

Dirk Foster spent 30+ years drinking and realized his life was passing him by. Wasted time, energy, money, and happiness in an endless loop of drinking, hangovers, regret and shame.

It wasn’t until he got sober that his life truly began.

Today he’s sober more than 15 years and couldn’t be happier. He’s married, healthy, has financial security, and enjoys every aspect of life.

He went from dreaming about all the great things he wanted to do, and fantasizing about the big life he wanted to live, to actually doing the things and living the life! From travel, to writing, to running his own business, he gratefully owes it all to his sobriety and the support he had along the way.

So tune in and give it a listen for all those golden sobriety nuggets, and maybe give it a second listen if you really want the goodness to sink in!


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