Now that you know me and my podcast, you’re aware that I’m an avid fan of AA. And I couldn’t be more excited about this, because it was a huge turning point in my life…and I’m so freaking excited to pull back the curtain for you today and give you an inside view of how it all goes down.

See, the recovery game has changed. It IS changing. And the best way I find to keep up to speed is by being open to learn all paths from all people. It is so important to me that I offer full transparency in what I am doing and what has worked for me, and to share my unique perspective on the world of recovery.

Being connected to thought leaders and authorities in the space is what will allow you to kick start your sobriety. In fact, the more open-minded and connected you are, the stronger you will be and the faster you will grow. Why not stay closely dialed in to the people who have what you want? That’s the best way to achieve what they have…with your own flavor and style, of course.

AA has been around for decades, has a global presence, and is dedicated to helping people. The organization is a trailblazer in the most significant ways, and has been applauded by Eric Clapton, Naomi Campbell, and Eminem…just to name a few.

Freedom is my guiding light, and Alcoholics Anonymous led me to that.

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