TEDx Speaker Yolanda Harper on Addiction Unlimited Podcast

Nobody likes it when anxiety comes out of nowhere and makes you feel like all you want to do is go home, lock the door, and hide from the world.

There is a massive correlation between addiction and trauma, and trauma manifests in anxiety, depression, and body pain. Individually, these issues can be debilitating, add them all together and you have a recipe for major discomfort with the ability to seriously hinder your quality of life.

As you know, I love to learn what ails me from the inside out, and trauma and anxiety are no different. There are so many regular life events that can be internalized as trauma and most people have no idea! Car accidents, divorce, natural disasters, sports injuries, sudden death of a loved one- all of these are traumatic events and many of these happen to ALL of us. When you think about it, everyone has some trauma, and it’s not all about war and physical assault.

I never knew my struggles to sleep were a result of trauma, or my inability to feel safe is a result of trauma. In this episode, TEDx Speaker Yolanda Harper breaks down trauma and how it responds in our bodies and affects our lives. And, more importantly, we talk about some easy treatments for trauma that get you quick results.

EMDR (Google it, it’s amazing), and ART are the two primary treatments Yolanda shares with us and she gets in detail about how they work and what to expect when you visit a practitioner. And, GET THIS… you don’t have to talk about your trauma!

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