#16 Manny Rodriguez | Hollywood Rehab | La Fuente

La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center is an inpatient drug rehab dedicated to the LGBT community. An intimate program that provides hands-on care, community-driven, with a clear mission. Manny Rodriguez, Co-Founder and CEO,  talks about his personal recovery, how he

#16 Manny Rodriguez | Hollywood Rehab | La Fuente2022-12-24T14:18:01-06:00

#13 Stephen Watts Futures Palm Beach

Several weeks ago, a piece came out about the addiction treatment industry on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. The piece is really funny in parts, if you can have a laugh at the ridiculous-ness of it, and at

#13 Stephen Watts Futures Palm Beach2023-10-01T13:17:56-05:00
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