Do you feel like you are in a bit of a personal rut? You’re in good company: the number of people struggling with their mental health has increased considerably in the past two years.

Thankfully, feeling stuck in a rut is something you have the tools to deal with, and in this episode we’ll talk about how.

We’ll also deep dive into the why behind ruts and look at ways to avoid falling into a rut in the first place.

In general, I like to think of a rut like this: If someone asked you how something was going (your meal plan, your job, your relationship, etc.) and your honest answer was somewhere along the lines of… “meh” … that’s a rut.

When you lack direction, you will lack action, and when you lack action you languish. In fear.

Something I really want you to get about this particular issue is that you have to do SOMETHING- it doesn’t have to be the RIGHT thing, but you have to start somewhere.

Being stuck in a rut is its own comfort zone that gives you the security of avoidance and certainty.  Even if being stuck in a rut feels bad, you know exactly what to expect. Leaving the comfort zone forces you to face a host of unknowns- what will you do, what will it feel like, what if you make a mistake, what if you make the wrong choice, what if you aren’t good at it… these are all the fears and unknowns that make you stay stuck in the rut. Because the rut is familiar, there are no unknowns, and it allows you to avoid responsibility for yourself and your life.

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