Just because you don’t drink anymore, doesn’t mean you’re going to lock yourself in your house and never come out.

Giving up alcohol, and everything it represents is really overwhelming.

The fear of not knowing what to tell people, not knowing how people will respond to your life change, and will you EVER have fun again?!?

Society tries to convince you that alcohol is necessary in everything you do. You connect with friends over cocktails, you calm your nerves with alcohol, you deal with social anxiety with booze, sleep issues, and everything in between.

The truth is, there are millions of people EVERYWHERE who don’t drink!

At some point, you understand that being sober is an asset, not a liability.

Duke Rumeley wanted to provide a clean and sober safe space where people can still get out, do the sporting events, concerts, and music festivals that you love, and do it all with sober people.

Find Sober AF Entertainment here: www.soberafe.com

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