We talk about sex addiction, we talk about porn addiction, but how often do we talk about the love part? And how about when we confuse love and lust?

It may sound a little weird to talk about love ‘addiction’, but it’s not that weird at all when you think about the unhealthy habits, unhealthy relationships we create, lack of boundaries, picking partners that are unavailable or not good for us. And most people can relate these common struggles.

I can mis-use dating just like I can mis-use anything else. It’s about co-dependence, seeking validation and approval from others, flirting to fill a void or make yourself feel better, having an affair to quench the thirst from what is lacking in your relationship, texting someone to get attention because you are bored or lonely.

Most people can relate to these behaviors on some level… but when does it become a problem?

You may recognize Brianne Davis from many tv shows you’ve seen. She is an actor, director, and a person in recovery. She has stepped up and is speaking out about some of the issues no one wants to talk about and I am so grateful for her bravery.

We all struggle with relationship issues, it’s time we do something about it.

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